Noordermarkt ZAT 9:00 - 16.00 uur | MA 9:00 - 13:00 uur     21 mei 2018: 9.00 u tot later in de middag

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Herman van Banning

On the market and import since 1980

Specialism Japanese porcelain teacups, rice bowls, big and small. In blue and black nippon.

A natural adaptation in a digital age. Handmade leather journals, sketch- and photo books, notebooks and diaries. One idea is enough!

Also wholesale. Own design and fair import from India (since 1980); buffel and goat leather, manual bonded, refillable, durable. Hand made cotton paper: no tree cutting. Fair and honest trade with a family business, who use cotton paper made by pupils from a school project of a local NGO (the Vidhya Bhawan Society; Ghandhian institute of educational studies). 

Leather bags, made in Italy. Own brand Tadei (only in the shop)

winkel: Biec, Staalstraat 28, Amsterdam