Noordermarkt | Sat 9 am - 4 pm | Mon. 9 am - 1 pm

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To pay a visit

A must is to visit the Noordermarkt on Saturday and it not only offers many various unique products, but also the adjacent organic Boerenmarkt (farmers market) and right around the corner the Lindengrachtmarkt provide even more viewing and sale fun. Both on and around the market square and in the near Jordanian streets you can enjoy food and beverages at the best cafes and restaurants of Amsterdam.

Three markets at the same time


Biological Farmersmarket


Points of interest


Libertine Petit Café Noordermarkt The level of Libertine is significantly higher than the café's and restaurants in this area. Chef Stephan Robert is a real Frenchman, and serves the classics of his homeland. For a breakfast during the early hours of the morning, a big brunch or a drink in the evening, but also for a dinner.

#JOEANDTHEJUICE - opening 2019 enjoy every day of their delicious juices, coffee and sandwiches.This store is set to open in the first half of 2019 (Stefan Sigl-Customer Care-JOE & THE JUICE Copenhagen).

Café Hegeraad  a traditional café that is located on the Noordermarkt behind the Noorderkerk in the Jordaan.

Café Winkel is known for its famous apple-pie among many people after a morning stroll on the Noordermarkt.

Café Thijssen on one of the most beautiful places in the Jordaan at the corner of Lindengracht/Brouwersgracht.

Café Papeneiland is a typical example of a cosey and so called  ''bruine kroeg''.

Restaurant Bordewijk - it is always Sunday on the Noordermarkt.