Noordermarkt 400 years since 1623 | SATERDAY 9am - 4pm | MONDAY 9am - 1 pm |

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To pay a visit

A must is to visit the Noordermarkt on Saturday and it not only offers many various unique products, but also the adjacent Organic market and right around the corner the Lindengrachtmarkt provide even more viewing and sale fun. Both on and around the market square and in the near Jordanian streets you can enjoy food and beverages at the best cafes and restaurants of Amsterdam.

Three markets at the same time

Noordermarkt; Instagram noordermarkt_amsterdam

Organic market

Lindengrachtmarkt; Instagram Lindengracht markt

Points of interest


Café Winkel43 is located on the always lively Noordermarkt in the middle of the Jordaan at the corner of a beautiful authentic Amsterdam building. Don't forget to taste a slice of the famous apple pie; Instagram cafewinkel43amsterdam

Restaurant Pequ The name refers to Mind your P’s and Q’s, an English language expression meaning “be on your best behaviour”. And also our philosophy. You are more than welcome for lunch or diner: Instagram restaurantpequ.

Café Hegeraad is a traditional "brown café" situated in a monumental house. This part of the Jordaan opposite the Noorderkerk and the Noordermarkt is an historical and beautiful place. Step away from the Prinsengracht and you'll find Café Hegeraad; Instagram Hegeraad

#JOEANDTHEJUICE enjoy every day of their delicious juices, coffee and sandwiches, Noordermarkt 5, 1015 NH Amsterdam. Instagram Joe & the Juice.

Libertine Petit Café Noordermarkt and more information Instagram

Café Papeneiland is a typical example of an authentic "brown café". Café 't Papeneiland, suddenly became world-famous when Bill Clinton wandered in for a piece of their famous apple pie. You can find 't Papeneiland on the corner of the Prinsengracht and the Brouwersgracht, where it has been since 1642.; Instagram Café Papeneiland

Café Thijssen has settled after a thorough renovation in April 1990, at the corner of Brouwersgracht/Lindengracht. It is named after Theo Thijssen (1879-1943), teacher, social democrat, trade unionist, Amsterdammer. As a writer, best known as the author of the novels Kees de Jongen and The Happy Class; Instagram cafe_thijssen

Restaurant Domenica at Noordermarkt 7. Italian classics such as pasta carbonara, but also dishes from the rest of Europe.